Everyone looks so much better when they smile - JF

Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon can’t stop laughing. (x)
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Did someone say we were having indian food for dinner?


Did someone say we were having indian food for dinner?

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Poor scared Jimmy! I’d be too, to be honest. (2011) (reposted)

Watch it here.

Or here.

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when you and your friend are being held by taran killam and he’s kissing you and you’re trying really hard not to pass out and your friend is trying to help you stay calm


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Download link for Mens Journal magazine November Issue with Jimmy included.

I live in the UK and that doesn’t sell Mens Journal magazine, so after a bit of searching I found a way to download it to my computer.

These are the instructions for anyone who can’t buy the magazine (due to living in a different country or whatever other reason).

1. Go to this link: http://storemags.com/mens-journal-november-2014/

The page will look like this:


2. Click the ‘Free Download Men’s Journal - November 2014 PDF’ on the right.image

3. That will take you to a page that looks like this:


4. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click ‘slow download’ where it says download type.image

(I’ve clicked the link too much so I can’t print screen anything else from now on, unless I wait over an hour, so hopefully you’ll understand the rest of the instructions)

5. Scroll down half way down the page and it will then say you have to wait like 85 seconds, type in the numbers in the captcha while you wait.

6. When the 85 odd seconds are up, click the ‘Create Download Link’ box.

7. Then click the ‘Download File’ box when it comes up.

8. It should then ask where you want to save it. (If it doesn’t, it means your settings are wrong and it’ll take it to a downloads folder somewhere in your documents).

9. It’ll take about half an hour to download but that will probably depend on your download speed.

(The download link is only available on your ip address for an hour.)

10. Once it’s downloaded, it will open up like this:

If you want to go straight to Jimmy’s section, he’s on page 58.

It’s a PDF file so make sure you have a PDF reader installed. (Adobe Reader download link: get.adobe.com/uk/reader/) There’s 3 double pages of Jimmy to enjoy. :)

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